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Our Ideal Owners

We are looking for property owners who maintain their properties in a rent-ready condition.  Residential rental Properties must be in compliance with applicable south carolina and local government health and safety laws.  racine properties requires a certain standard for properties we will maintain.


we define rent-ready As follows: 

  • The property should meet all municipal codes

  • Repairs that put the tenant in any kind of health or safety risk must be made immediately

  • Appliances that are provided must be repaired or replaced by the owner as needed unless otherwise stated in the lease agreement

  • The heating and cooling provided in a home must be repaired or replaced by the owner as needed in a timely manner. If the temperatures are extreme racine properties will determine acceptable timelines for repair or replacement which must be as quick as possible based on parts being available and staff/ subcontractor availability


Racine properties' definition of rent ready:

  • Hotel room clean (top to bottom)

  • Carpets professionally cleaned

  • Fresh looking paint

  • All locks re-keyed (we can help with this)

  • Yard area free of weeds and overgrowth

  • Safety items must be in place

  • All mechanical components working as designed

  • No personal property left in or at the property (unless the property is being staged or is being rented furnished)

  • All light bulbs must be in working order

  • All toilets and faucets must be in working order

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